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Ultra Clean is a revolutionary fabric that simply cleans any gun in a fraction of the time taken by conventional materials. Ultra Clean takes convenience to a new level, and in tests, out performed all conventional products. The special double sided and self amalgamating fabric, simply wrapped around a jag, will quickly dislodge and remove any fouling with ease, it is chemically inert and can be used with any chemical cleaner. When used with Napier Gun Cleaner Lube, it will effectively cut cleaning time by over 50%, Ultra Clean is literally a BRUSH and a MOP on a single roll. The rough side has a safe abrasive action that scrubs the bore, but unlike a brush it will hold the dirt particles and remove them completely. A quick spray with Napier Gun Oil or Cleaner, then another pass with the highly absorbent SOFT Mop side of the fabric and the job's done. Ultra Clean is self amalgamating and will not unwind on a cleaning rod, it is also ideal to wrap around your hand and use as a polishing mitt, to clean and handle barrels and wooden stocks. This unique feature is simple and highly effective, say goodbye to old soiled dusters and rags, Ultra Clean ensures a new clean surface every time.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review